It’s been 26 days since we’ve seen any snow fall here in Leavenworth.  Typical precip for the month of December is .77 inches, which would translate roughly into 8 inches of snow.  Our mountain passes haven’t fared much better either.  In fact, due to the inversion layer that has blanketed much of the valley, higher elevations have seen warm temperatures at times and again, very little snow.

As we patiently await the promise of la nina and the winter storms that will bring us knee deep Cascade powder, we are looking for ways to enjoy this mild winter weather.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and conditions are perfect for getting out and going hiking, fishing, and climbing.

This unusual weather pattern has its bright sides but we’re still busy doing our snow dances!  How have you been coping with the lack of snow?  Have you reverted to non-winter activities?  Happy for the opportunity to soak up a little sun?  Too busy for the holidays to care? Shoot us an email and let us know.