Gardeners are able to find inspiration and beauty in many places: our neighbor’s front yards, hikes through the woods, and a myriad of coffee table books and magazines but one of the best places to get inspired is just up the Icicle at The Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort.  If you’ve dined at the Kingfisher Restaurant or O’Grady’s Pantry, chances are good that you’ve tasted some of the many yummy morsels that come straight from the garden.  Next time you visit, head through the gate and take a look around.


Located on property, just behind O’Grady’s Pantry, the gardens are open to the public.  The gardeners at the Sleeping Lady grow a wide range of edibles from herbs to berries, tomatoes to greens and everything is certified organic.   As one of the first farms in the Pacific Northwest to gain certification, the gardens have relied for many years on good old fashioned hard work and hand weed pulling along with creative methods for soil building and pest control including crop rotation, cover crops, and row covers.

We caught up with garden manager Eron Drew and she gave us a tour of the gardens and let us know how their fruit and veggies are growing right now.  It’s a time of great change for the property, as the Icicle Creek Center for the Arts is building a new theater next door and the soil from the project is being moved to the gardens to create a significantly larger area for plantings and they are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand their production.  Check out the video for more information on gardening methods in place and their garden tours, starting this June.