The first in our new series “Best Reads”…

A good book is like a good friend-there for you when you need and always a joy to spend time with.   Perhaps the only thing better than a good book is a whole store full of them.

We stopped by our local bookstore, A Book For All Seasons in Leavenworth to chat with manager Stephen Sharpe and get a few book recommendations.   If you are looking for a new book or are searching for a gift for someone that loves to read, this place is always a go.

A Book For All Seasons, located adjacent to the Starbucks in downtown Leavenworth at 703 Highway 2, is celebrating their 20th anniversary this month.  The bookstore is small but packed with great finds and they often host talks, writing workshops, and book signings.

In our first installment of Best Reads, Stephen gives us a suggestion for a classic book that will keep you turning the pages.  Trust us on this one-we actually bought the book after filming his segment and finished it in three days!

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