We are about to let you in on the biggest secret in Leavenworth…when it snows, you can ski on the streets! Street skiing is the perfect use for your old beater classic skis. If you don’t own a set up already, an investment of about $100-$200 will get you a set up of boots, binding, skis and poles that will last for years, especially if you keep an eye out for used rentals or end of the season deals.

People have been strapping skis to their feet since prehistoric times. Cross country skis have traditionally been used in Norway, Sweden and Finland as a means to move from place to place. We think cross country skiing is a pretty awesome way to get around, too. Strap on a backpack and head to the store for groceries. Or, grab some friends and ski to town for dinner and drinks.

With the right conditions, a couple of inches of snow will do but the skiing is better when it’s dumping and four or five inches of snow have accumulated. Suddenly, you can go anywhere without even warming up the car. It’s a great way to get in some after work physical activity or to throw snowballs at your friend’s houses!

Our favorite time of day for street skiing is the evening. By 7:00, the streets are nearly deserted and town becomes a snow covered, magical place. Hit up the residential areas, back alley ways, or ski straight through town for the best view of sparkling Christmas lights.