Sol Wertkin sends a message late Wednesday night that reads “Headed up to the Drip Wall and gonna give Roothless a try in the morning. You want to shoot some of the action?” Having spent a little time at the Drip Wall I knew how beautiful a spot it was so I quickly accepted the invite to shoot the climbing here.

Upon arrival at the cliff around 945 I found Patrick Hennessey was already nearing the anchors on Toothless which a brilliant slightly traversing line through overhanging granite. Really scenic shots exist just on the uphill side of the cliff so I hustled up to a good vantage to shoot a bit! Then Sol and Patrick quickly redpointed Toothless again which gave me a chance to shoot a bit from above.

After that Sol nearly sent Roothless (12d) which looks impossible to me. Super thin and wicked steep! We shot stills and video until 12:30 and headed home before the sun hit the wall. Keep an eye out for the video as it’s always entertaining to hear Sol talk about the hardmen who put up these wild routes like Super Dave Moroles, Max Dufford, Mike Massey and more.

Patrick Hennessey climbs Toothless (11a) note waterfall behind him which is so named the Drip after the infamous huge ice climb that forms here in winter!


Sol Wertkin climbs Roothless (12d)