Mission Ridge skier Jared Eygabroad takes us on a tour of Mission’s sidecountry and chutes in his entry video for Freeskier Magazine’s Ticket to Tailgate contest. Give Jared a like on facebook and help him win a trip to AK!

Freeskier Magazine’s Ticket to Tailgate: Jared Eygabroad from Jared Eygabroad on Vimeo.

We spoke to Jared about skiing and Mission, and got the lowdown on the contest:

Tell us about yourself

I am a full time EMT at Lake Chelan Valley EMS and due to the amazing schedule (2 days on, 4 days off) I also work at Mission Ridge filming, editing and producing videos and taking photos for their marketing department. I moved to Chelan over 3 years ago with my wife, Toni, and our two boys, Kaden (6) and Cash (3). We all love skiing up at Mission and that’s where we spend most of our fee time.

How long have you been skiing up at Mission Ridge?

The first time I visited Mission Ridge was at age 15, with my father and brother. I’ll never forget that day due to skiing one of the “negative” chutes in the Bomber Cliffs that had a mandatory straight line out. That’s a vivid memory.

I had never done anything like it before. I never imagined I’d be lucky enough to call Mission my home mountain. As you can see from the video, I love the chutes and the sidecountry terrain that Mission offers.

Ticket to Tailgate looks like a pretty cool contest. Have you ever been skiing in Alaska and what would it mean to you to win?

The Tailgate Alaska contest is something I thought would be fun to enter because I love skiing, and I love making videos. This video edit lacked the production quality of most of my videos due to the fact that I had to film myself, but what I lost in quality, I tried to make up for with creative POV angles like the home-made backpack mount, fast-paced editing, and some good skiing. I’ve never skied in Alaska, but doing so has always been a dream of mine. I work in Chelan alongside a firefighter, Evan Woods, who was once a heli ski guide in Alaska. Every day, he gets me more and more excited about this place. I can’t even describe what it would be like to win a trip there. If I somehow won, it would be the greatest 30th birthday gift of all time… I know, I’m getting old.

This contest involves “Sharing” and “Liking” the video, so thanks in advance for all who do! If nothing else, at least people will get to see some of what Mission has to offer. Enjoy.