The sun is struggling to break through the clouds but the Icicle TV crew managed to get out and dial in our high angle climbing photography at Hobo Gulch, a Leavenworth local crag of choice. Check out behind the scenes.


Climbing photography often means being up on the wall with your subject. Rigging for high angle work effectively doubles the workload of getting that perfect shot.


Shane Wilder, spider monkey, hanging on his work rope. This system allows Shane to find a good angle and stay safe doing it. Everything stays tied off, no dropping a camera!


The money shot. Here I am making an easy route look hard.


The name of this route, Song of the Vulgar Goatmen, is a play on a famous Russian folk song about boatmen on the river Volga. This route was first climbed by Sean Woods and Viktor Kramer in 2008. For more information check out Viktor’s guidebook, Leavenworth Rock, is available on his site:

Hobo is a family friendly wall stocked with 20 fun climbs that is so close to town you can sometimes smell the Heidelburger you so look forward to afterwards. We’re revving up for a year of documenting your local adventures, see you in the field!