Wenatchee Valley boater Jean-Luc Robichaux took us on a video tour of his workshop at home and, where he has been quietly crafting beautiful fiberglass kayaks under the trade name Enso.  Using a combination of artistic talent, craftsmanship, and years of experience in boat design, Jean-Luc creates custom boats that are literally made for the surf waves of the Wenatchee River.

“I really like the feel of speed and acceleration, the feeling of riding the rail or carving across the wave.  It’s been a lot of fun”, Jean-Luc tells us.  His love for the sport and for the artistic process has driven the evolution of these kayaks and as owner of Free Spirit Designs, he continues to work to develop new playboats and SUPs.

After the boats are molded and formed, the finishing touch is a custom paintjob and airbrushing.

If you are interested in a custom kayak or SUP you can reach Jean-Luc at

Handcrafted Kayaks Made In Cashmere By Jean-Luc from Icicle TV on Vimeo.