sol_bts-2_210x300Last spring, Icicle TV filmed a rock climbing piece in Tumwater Canyon featuring climbers Sol Wertkin and Grant Sutherland, utilizing some of our favorite things: high angle rope work, granite, and most of all telling the story of local people getting out and doing great things.  Get the behind the scenes story from Russ Ricketts on what it takes to haul cameras, tripods, and climbing gear hundreds of feet up a steep rock face to capture the shot and do it safely at Wenatchee World online.

The video, “Leavenworth Rock Climbing-Castle Rock with Sol and Grant” was filmed by Shane Wilder and Russ Ricketts and is featured as the pick of the week on Wedia, the Wenatchee World’s latest media venture; a website celebrating the people, places, and lifestyle of North Central Washington.  See the video and more from local filmmakers at