We caught up with our good friend Jenni Lund who is a longtime Leavenworth area resident but who recently made the big move over the Cascades to western Washington. Jenni is a talented Acupuncturist and Yoga Instructor who before moving to the Kirkland area had a vibrant Leavenworth business. We were excited to hear how moving business and family over the Cascades is going. Here is a short interview with rockstar Jenni Lund!

– What’s it like moving to the city from Leavenworth?   It’s been exciting, challenging, and so rewarding. And just to be clear, I’m not really in the city.  I consider Seattle to be “the city” and I’m living in the little suburb of Kirkland which is on the eastern shores of Lake Washington.  In addition, I just enjoyed the best summer on record for this area, so it’s sort of a rose colored reality of blissful weather paired with lots of new experiences.  In my distorted, warm weather reality of the living in this little suburb with my family, it has been pretty wonderful and fun!  I’m bracing myself for rain, but have lots of sunny memories tucked away for those cold, rainy days.

jl yoga-1

– What’s the best thing about living in the city?  That’s easy! No less than six yoga studios within a five-mile radius of my house. No joke. I had to make an excel spreadsheet to keep all the classes straight.  It’s about 20+ classes a day to choose from.  I am such a kid in a candy store!

– What are you up to over there?  Besides opening my acupuncture practice and trying to get my name out in a totally new place where no one has ever heard of me, I’m busy being a mom to my sweet son who just started kindergarten (and circus arts classes!), and spending time with my family that includes my partner Steve and my step-daughter Ellie who is 16 this year (homecoming is next week; so fun!).  It’s also been interesting as it was 20 years ago that I originally moved from Seattle to Leavenworth, and I’ve been seeing a lot of friends from my past, which has been fantastic. It feels like I’ve come full circle somehow and that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I should be. I’m also doing as much yoga as possible, of course!  

– Can we expect to see you over here?  YES!!!!  I’m still coming to Leavenworth to see clients and visit with my friends at least once month so I’m really around quite a bit and will be continuing to come back well into 2014!  Yay!   I’m working at Lynn Chadd Natural Healthcare in Peshastin, next to the original Snowcreek location.  It’s kind of the best of both worlds right now.  I get to stay and hang out with my friends, visit Leavenworth, and see my clients all while having a little get-a-way.   I love it.  

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– Tell us about the contest your doing?  It’s the King 5 Best of Western, WA contest and I was nominated for Best Acupuncturist.  I didn’t really think I had a chance, but with all the support from this side of the mountains I’ve been in the number one position for about two weeks now!  It’s a close race, but it would be so amazing if I could keep the lead, as it would be a nice way to build confidence in my new clientele.  Starting all over from zero is a pretty big step, and it’s been really fun but challenging.  I’m at a very supportive Yoga & Wellness Center in Sammamish and they are also in the contest for Best Yoga Studio.  It’s so great to be with a group of motivated and encouraging people all interested in being healthy!  If you want to vote go to:  http://best.king5.com/jenni-lund-red-lotus-health/biz/667195 .   I really, truly appreciate it! Contest ends Oct. 19th.

– Where can we learn more about you? I’m at:  urbanoasisyoga.com/acupuncture and on FB:  www.facebook.com/RedLotusHealth. I would LOVE it if you’d like my page!  My new website is in the works and will be up and running in the next month or so:  redlotushealth.com.  Look for good things to come as I’m working on the virtual aspect of my business as well!    

Contact info:  jenni@redlotushealth.com / 509-264-8444.