People love using Instagram, the mobile phone photo sharing app. Icicle TV is always out and about telling the little stories of daily life here in the valley, but we don’t always have a camera, enter Instagram! You can keep up with our rambles and adventures by following us at #icicle_tv . 

Since Icicle VV is a small outfit, we miss a lot of the good stuff that makes living here in NCW special, so if you grab a great shot on your phone, hashtag us and we’ll spread the love! We often hashtag our local shots using the popular #leavenworth tag.


Instagram 101: This app allows the user to take cellphone photos and then add simple filters and a bit of text. Hashtags (#) are a way to add your photo to a online collection of similar photos. You can add your friend’s Instagram tags to share the photos in their feed. The whole thing is pretty fun and simple, we love simple!  For more information about the Instagram app, download it on your smart phone or visit