Air quality graph from comparing levels in Seattle, Wenatchee, and Leavenworth as of 3:00 pm 09/20/2012.

Air quality in the Leavenworth area has fluctuated over the last few days.  As of yesterday, we were able to see some blue skies as the air had cleared a bit but the smoke has settled back in and has remained at levels that are considered unhealthy.  In comparison to neighboring areas such as Cashmere and Wenatchee, Leavenworth’s particulate levels are much lower but health officials are still urging caution.

We have also observed a wide range of reactions to the smoke with people going about their daily activities as usual, others hunckering down and staying inside, and still others wearing masks while riding their bikes, walking outside and even driving.  Masks are available for sale at Marson and Marson in Leavenworth, located on Highway 2 across from Safeway.

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