The latest photos from local photographer Marc Dilley, taken on a recent trip to the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Read about the photo and see more from Marc…

This is the first photo I’ve taken in months. Earlier this year I was shooting mussel beds at Salt Creek in Puget Sound when a rogue wave hit my camera. It and my 24-70mm zoom lens were ruined. Fortunately, they were covered by insurance, and when the replacement body and lens came in I headed into the mountains.

This image was taken the first evening (the water and land portion at 8:39 PM and the night portion at 10:09 PM) in Lyman Basin, North Cascades. I call it The Gift because, without planning ahead the night before to locate where the Milky Way would be in the night sky, it just happened to appear perfectly over the right shoulder of Red Mountain (the east peak of Chiwawa Peak) just after sundown. It was all too easy… as though this was a welcome back gift from Nature.


Alpine Outcropping.  Photo by Marc Dilley.


Fantasy.  Photo by Marc Dilley, taken near an unnamed lake on the east side of Plummer Mountain on Miners Ridge.