The Pacific North West, home to one of the most beautiful and enchanting states in the greater 48, Washington. In the middle of WA lies the Cascade mountains and within them the little town of Leavenworth.


With its Bavarian theme and amazing surroundings its hard not to feel like your in Alps. To your average tourist this place is a Christmas wonder land but to an outdoor enthusiast this place is a mecca..

I moved here in the summer of 09 to pursue my passion for mountain biking and snowboarding and have since then discovered many more ways to shred the north west. The one sport that stands out the most to me has been climbing. In this never ending land of rock and ice you could live a lifetime and never climb every route. The climbing community here is out standing as well with plenty of friendly insightful climbers always willing to give info on the newest and neatest route’s.
Watching and learning from climber’s with years of experience has opened my eyes to every type of climbing and the creativity within each type.
For those of you who climb, you know. The difference between winter climbing and summer climbing, clipping bolt’s or placing trad gear or for some placing ice screw’s. To a select few passionate climber’s that want to climb year around and are willing to brave the winter there is mixed climbing. Combine a little bit of rock with a little bit of ice and a few bolts to help boost your confidence, sounds like a good time. Every year winter route’s form differently and this year in Leavenworth there are lots of options.


As with almost every outdoor recreation there is adventure, a bit of adrenalin but most importantly there is endless beauty. Find your beauty and go get it, you never know when it will be gone!
Writen by Patrick Hennessey
photos by T.J. Burch