Winter is on the way out the door, but there is still a record snow pack in the mountains and Stevens Pass is going to be staying open late this year. Skiers and snowboarders are having a heyday at the hill. Nearly everyone takes pictures of their snow adventures and probably 1 out of 5 films  their friends with the popular GoPro helmet cameras. We feature these movies all the time because they are easy to create and capture the users experience in the moment. The following movie was filmed entirely using GoPro cameras but it sure as heck does not look like most POV movies!


New Lands is the latest effort from ITV contributor Matt Wainhouse. You may remember Matt’s video Powder Express from earlier this winter, capturing Stevens Pass’s epic snow while the rest of the country’s mountains were still closed, winning Matt the highly coveted GoPro video of the day and thousands of views overnight. New Lands captures the fun and excitement of roving the hills with some of the best riders in town, having fun and going big!