dom_thumb_2We caught up with social media guru Dominick Bonny to gather some insights into the world of new media.  Whether you love it or hate it, the internet and social media is here to stay and it’s changing everything.

According to Dominick, “The way we communicate has been altered on a global level.  Businesses understand that fact and are making money-even in a recession”.  The effect of new media on individuals has perhaps been even more profound.  Events such as the Arab Spring have taught whole nations of people that dictators can no longer hide in the dark.

It’s digital democracy and it’s here to stay.  Check out this piece for more info on the way in which New Media has altered our landscape.  Dominick also offers up advice for small business owners on ways to communicate with their customers and take marketing to a whole new level.


Dominick owns and runs “Strategically Social”, a local Wenatchee Valley company focused on helping businesses maximize brand potential and shape their images in the digital, new media age.  For more info, check out his facebook page at: or head over to his website: