One of our favorite places to spend a sunny morning or afternoon around Leavenworth, the following video was shot by Coby Trudell mountain biking the Xanadu Trail overlooking our beautiful town. A quick search for mountain biking videos around Leavenworth WA reveals plenty of shaky helmet cam videos with blurry surroundings, but few that truly show off the beauty of the area, and Coby set out to change that. Armed with a GoPro Camera and a flexible tripod, Coby spent an entire day at the end of May riding his bike, positioning a camera alongside the trail, and re-riding the same sections of trail over and over to get the shot. His German-Shorthaired Pointer pup Zoe accompanied him on his journey, adding to the excitement of the clips as Zoe darts in and out of screen chasing Coby down the trail. Press play below and watch his final edit that shows the trail in sequence from beginning to end as Coby and Zoe bank and weave through trees, past wildflowers, and over ridge lines and huge rocks. If you’re looking for Leavenworth MTB, this trail is hard to beat!

Enjoy and we’ll see you on the trails!