Did you know that you can donate the produce you grow and cannot use?  Many of us have trees with fruit left to be picked at the end of the season, or more veggies than we can handle on our own during harvest.  Rather than tossing those goodies from the garden that you just weren’t able to eat or process, think about donating them to your local food bank.

Or, better yet-plan ahead now and plant an extra row for those in need.  Alison Detjens, Gleaning Coordinator for Community Farm Connection, is working connect local farmers and gardeners to gather leftover produce and help to feed those that otherwise may not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  When we think of food banks, the first image that comes to mind is usually canned food and while non-perishables are still a staple for local foodbanks, fresh produce is always appreciated as well.

We spoke to Alison and Bob Mark, manager of the Community Cupboard about the Gleaning Project and Plant A Row initiative.  Now is the time that greenthumbs begin to get antsy about digging in the dirt and starting plants.  Gardeners-if you’ve got your plans all mapped out on graph paper and your seed packets ordered, please consider planting a little extra this spring.  If you live in Leavenworth, your local food bank is Community Cupboard and they are open six days a week to receive your donation.  There are many foodbanks throughout North Central Washington as well if you live in the Greater Wenatchee Valley.

Every little bit counts.  And, as we learned while producing this piece, it’s a need that isn’t going away.  For more information, check out the video or go to: and