salmon_fest_2009_3_306x400It’s Salmon Fest time again and we have the latest update on the activities and schedule changes due to air quality.  The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival is a four-day natural resource education event held each fall to celebrate the return of the salmon to the Wenatchee River and is held on the grounds of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery, located at the mouth of Icicle Canyon in Leavenworth.

Salmon Fest is still on for the weekend, 10 am to 5 pm, this upcoming Sept. 22 & 23.  Organizers are making adjustments with schools for Kids Days on Thursday and Friday due to air quality issues, but the Hatchery grounds are looking spectacular and the weekend will be fantastic!

Head out to the Hatchery for a great Salmon Experience!  The Tribal encampment presents a new traditional long house, recreation activities and outdoor edu-taining programs are going on for all ages. food court with a wide variety of menus, artworks, live animal stage shows, music and more.  The event is free and offers a great activity for the entire family.


The theme this year is “Dances with Salmon 2012″. An exciting menu of hands-on activities and “edutainment” gives visitors a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate the complexities of the natural world and the significance of salmon to people of the northwest. Salmon are a unique and integral part of the ecosystems of our rivers in North Central Washington.  For a view of their home below the water, check out the video below, filmed in the Wenatchee River.

SALMON FEST from River_Snorkel on Vimeo.

Check out or call 548-7641 for more information.