Photos provided by Icicle TV contributor Tom Potter.

World Kayak is holding the first kayak race of their new Leavenworth Summer Race Series today, Saturday May 16th, 2015. Registration takes place at 5pm at Riverside Park in Cashmere, WA. There will be a mass start from the Goodwin Bridge in Cashmere to Riverside Park in Cashmere. Rapids included in the kayak race are Snowblind and Granny’s, both of which offer some of the best sections of whitewater on the whole stretch between Leavenworth and Cashmere. World Kayak is inviting anyone and everyone who wants to participate to come on down!

Tom Potter_Tumwater Canyon_Kayak_big wave

In true World Kayak fashion, the events are intended to bring the local kayaking community together and get everyone out on the river. As always, we have a ton of rad gear to hook all participants up with. If you are in the area, stop into Leavenworth Mountain Sports for more info.


The race series will occur every other Saturday through the end of June, same place, same time. More details available at registration. Thanks to World Kayak for hosting the event!

Tom Potter_Tumwater Canyon_Kayak_selfie

 Tom Potter: World Kayak Ambassador, Leavenworth, WA