Last night’s storm was one to remember. The slow moving series of fronts worked its way across the state last night, bringing wave after wave of cumulonimbus thunderheads that rose and fell against every mountain range in the state, reigning down one hell of a storm. 

lightning leav-3

North Central Washington seemed to celebrate it’s new found lightning rod status, residents hunkered down while sheets of fire swept across the hills and gutters filled with water. The streets emptied of cars, families and neighbors turned out on porches and gathered in the streets to watch the storm rage all around.


 Local photographers scattered to the best vantage points, dodging bolts and cloud bursts to capture the fury. The internet burst to life late last night as one amazing photo after another popped up on the news feeds. Everyone was out, this was one storm to remember.

lightning leav-1

Icicle TV headed up to Tumwater Mountain and Blackbird Island. The view was simply unbelievable, but shooting was hampered by a will to live after several close strikes but not before enjoying the full value experience of watching a lightning strike hit Wedge Mountain, the hillside exploding in a burst of flames visible from 3 miles away. From high on Tumwater Mountain, distant howls in the night were heard from far below in town after particularly awesome displays. Down on the river Shane set up his camera and watched the show of a lifetime. 

 lightning leav-2

No matter where you were last night, it was one hell of a show.