Sulla Vita is a place to gather your friends for superb small plates, fine wines and micro brews at surprisingly friendly prices.

A traditional European restaurant experience in Leavenworth, WA where dishes are meant to be shared. In Europe, you often find friends and family – glasses of wine in hand, sharing many cicchetti (small plates) of wonderful, rustic bites.  This sharing creates a wonderful atmosphere of friendship and abundance!

Sulla Vita offers delicious cicchetti.  Among them, dates wrapped in smoked prosciutto and stuffed with Gorgonzola,  cauliflower and parsnip gratin, pistachio encrusted halibut, and perfectly wood fired flank steak topped with your choice of chimchurri or gorgonzola cream sauce. A sampling of drafts and beautifully selected wines pair nicely with any dish. Traditional wood fired pizzas are served uncut and shaped perfectly imperfect, reminding you that everything here is made by hand and done from scratch.

Cicchetti :  small snacks or dishes, typically served in Venice, Italy.  Like Spanish tapas, one can make a meal of cicchetti by ordering multiple plates. Common cicchetti are small servings of a combination of one or more seafood, meat and vegetable.

sulla vita pizza