The section of land referred to as the Peshastin Mill Waterfront is located on the banks of the Wenatchee River between Leavenworth and Peshastin, WA. These 14 acres contain 0.85 miles of riverfront which today has the potential to be turned into a community park to be enjoyed by all. As it currently stands , the property has the longest stretch of undeveloped low-bank waterfront remaining on the Wenatchee River between Leavenworth and Wenatchee, a 22-mile stretch.

Peshastin Mill Waterfront

The Peshastin Mill Waterfront is the crescent-shaped area on the right, between the Wenatchee River and the railroad tracks.

This property is the site of the old Peshastin Mill which operated from 1928 to 1988, supplying the majority of the lumber for the houses built in the Wenatchee Valley from the 1930s to 1970s. After the mill was shut down, it sat idle for many years until the Port of Chelan attempted to turn it into a thriving business park. High upfront construction costs along with other factors kept that plan from succeeding and now the Wenatchee Valley community has an opportunity to secure the land to keep it in its natural state.

The vision for the property is simple: Preserve the waterfront in its existing primitive state and save it for walking, jogging, biking, bird watching, picnicking, fishing and other water sports for current and future generations. It would also serve as an important piece of a possible trail connecting Peshastin and Leavenworth in the future.

The Complete the Loop Coalition (visionaries of the Apple Capital Loop Trail in Wenatchee), in collaboration with several other outdoor, Wenatchee community, and land trust groups, has put down earnest money allowing for a 15 month period to raise enough funds to purchase the riverfront property from the Port of Chelan, and we have 12 months left.

The enthusiastic fishermen of the Icicle Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers joined the effort. Similarly the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club (which has groomed a cross-country ski course on the property in the past) signed on. The Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, the Trust for Public Land, the Wenatchee Sportsmen’s Association, American Whitewater and the Peshastin Community Council are also showing support. Will you?

peshastin mill sponsors

The asking price for the property is $460,000 and already over $175,000 has been raised. If fundraising is successful, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will take over the land, securing access to the general public. Should fund raising efforts fail, the property will be put on the market, sealing off this section of riverfront and cutting off river access to the Wenatchee Valley community.

Everyone is encouraged to help save this historic and beautiful piece of riverfront property so that it can be enjoyed by Wenatchee Valley residents for generations to come. Help spread the word to everyone in our community about this great opportunity.

For more information on the Save the Peshastin Mill Waterfront efforts, or to make donations please visit or call Trout Unlimited at 509-888-0970.