WenatcheeMurk1Clear skies have, for the most part returned to the Upper Valley but a layer of haze remains in Wenatchee, Cashmere and other areas and forecasts call for the possibility of more stagnant air going into the weekend.  At this point, we all know what this means-the breif respite of normalcy found in the ability to take a deep breath of fresh air may once again leave us and force those living and visiting the Wenatchee Valley to alter our lifestyles once again.

During the weeks of heavy smoke, reactions to polluted air have varied everywhere from folks leaving town to others pressing on, attempting to continue to live life normally.  The following essay by contributor Marlene Farrell of Run Wenatchee discusses what life has been like as a runner during the forest fires.

Leavenworth’s air quality rating on the day I am writing this is “moderate!” I pronounce that loudly because normalcy is a bit shocking after our long stint of varying degrees of toxicity. The persistent smoke from nearby wildfires has confronted us when we step outside and has even weaseled its way in through the cracks in our homes. It also has made me reflect on what I have been taking for granted, particularly when it comes to running.

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