Local filmmaker and instructor Charley Voorhis of Voortex Productions will be giving workshops on shooting video wth HDSLR cameras.  This is a great opportunity to learn from a seasoned pro and move from still photography to the world of motion video.

About the class:  Before shooting video on an HDSLR, there are a few keys points to understand to help achieve the best results. This class will help bridge the digital convergence gap from photography to video. Much of the same terminology and concepts are used when moving from photo to video, however there are many details that, with a clear understanding will help with shooting great video on an HDSLR. This class offers a clear understanding of setting up your camera for video, working with the element of time, shooting shots for scenes and introducing the use of sound for moving images.

About the instructor:   After developing a passion for filmmaking in high school, I went on to study film at Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura California. In 2004 I founded Voortex Productions, a boutique production company specializing in music videos, live productions, marketing spots, promotional videos, short films and documentaries. My clientele and art focused projects have lead me to extensive travel around Washington State, Iceland, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. I offer a unique approach to production focusing on the essence and emotional values allowing the energy of the subject to carry the story. The HDSLR has been an extremely powerful tool in evoking inspiration in my viewers.

In addition to running Voortex Productions, I teach Cinematography and Production at Wenatchee Valley Tech, a tech school for high school kids. Through my class I have lead students to compete at the National level two years in a row in a video production contest.  My passion lay within art and education.

I hope you enjoy the class!

–Charley Voorhis

For more information check out the Voortex Productions SDLR Cinema School facebook page.  For more information on the instructor and links to videos by Charley, go to his website at