wg_130x86With spring well on the way, let’s fast forward to summer and check out some rock climbing!

Western Gold, produced and directed by Alex Savage, is a soon to be released full length bouldering film.   Alex traveled the great land last year capturing some incredible bouldering footage from British Colombia to Nevada.   He also swung through Leavenworth in April and May of 2011 to capture local talents Rob Lewis, Kyle O’Meara, Jessica Campbell, and Johnny Goicoechea sending the test piece problems of the Leavenworth area.

Kyle says that he started out shooting short climbing videos for fun and has gradually started getting more serious about it over the years.  It looks like his hard work has paid off-Western Gold promises to deliver lots of eye candy and a unique perspective featuring local bouldering scenes.  We took the Icicle TV Lear jet and caught up with Alex in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he is putting the finishing touches on Western Gold and asked him about the film and his time in Leavenworth.

“Filming locals was one of my goals for Western Gold,” Alex tells us.  “A lot of climbing films feature the same stars traveling to a new area but I wanted to feature local talent in each spot. Its unreal how many amazing climbers there are that you don’t ever hear about.  Kyle O’Meara is one of those people; extremely talented, very athletic, and super motivated.  He doesn’t just climb hard pieces of rock; he climbs them with finesse and makes them look easy!”

Savage Films will be taking Western Gold on the road swinging by Leavenworth at some point in the future to premiere this amazing two year project.  We’ll keep you posted on the time and place.

Western Gold, a feature-length North American bouldering film, will be released on HD Download and DVD in early 2012. Experience the beauty of bouldering in an action packed film set in the stunning locations of Red Rocks Nevada, Castle Rocks Idaho, Leavenworth Washington, and Squamish British Columbia. From the hardest to the tallest the West Coast has to offer, get ready to see something new.

-Savage Films