We know the routine-wake up, stumble into the kitchen to make coffee, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and check the weather. True night owls might even check the snow report from bed, clumsily grasping for your phone on the nightstand, you head online to your favorite sites to check out the goods-snowfall, wind, forecasts, avalanche conditions, river levels, webcams. Never before have we had access to so much information.

Now that we are all amateur meteorologists, how could life get even better?  By having it all in one place.

Check out our weather section daily for all of your favorite weather information and websites. We’ve got links to Northwest Avalanche Center, Stevens Pass for the snow report, and Wenatchee River Levels, along with the 10 day forecast for Leavenworth, DOT pass conditions, webcams, and our favorite: the Northeast Pacific Loop.

If you haven’t seen the Pacific Loop yet, you are in for a treat. Up to the minute satellelite animation of clouds plowing into the Pacific Coast? Yep, makes us happy too.