We caught up with Stefan Mitrovich to get a report on local mountain biking trail conditions.  The following photos, taken by Stefan, show one of the area’s most popular trails, Zanadu.  Located up Derby Canyon, just outside of Peshastin, Zanadu is approximately 7 or 8 miles long depending on whether you shuttle the lower section (if you shuttle then you only have about a 30min climb to the top. The shuttle cuts out   approx 2 miles of logging road).


Tom Ford sending!

Stefan says, “The trail is in perfect condition right now, it’s a mixture of dry and slightly tacky depending on where on the trail and when the last rain shower was. Otherwise, it’s perfect. This trail is getting ridden a bunch since most of it is south facing and the snow has all melted out… and since it is one of the most fun and accessible trails close to Leavenworth”.

He also let us know that right now Zanadue is pretty much the only trail to ride close to Leavenworth free of snow. Its still a bit early for mountain biking in its fullest around L-Town, but down lower Valley close to Wenatchee the trails are good to go.  For more information contact Das Rad Haus.


Erin McKay


Tim Wesley (Tall Tim)


Tall Tim airing it out