Funny how life works.  Driving down the pass after skiing I was thinking about story ideas. Wishing I could talk to a Washington State Patrol Trooper for some winter driving thoughts, not 20 minutes later I had my chance, as I was pulled over for (slightly) speeding. The business taken care of, I asked the Trooper for some thoughts on winter driving.  He said that the biggest thing they see out here is people not paying attention to the conditions.

It may be just fine back there, but who knows what’s happening around the corner, he said. Bridges, shady curves, unexpected changes in road conditions all are major contributors to vehicular accidents.  What’s considered too fast for the conditions?

That’s where the driver must use their best judgement. Drive as the conditions (and posted signs) dictate. As both the holiday and ski seasons start up this week, expect more drivers on the roads and possible unexpected delays. “We see a lot of winter drivers unprepared for the snow. Take the time to prepare your vehicle for the snow. 4 season tires, new wiper blades,top off the fluids and pack a preparedness kit with winter clothes, roadside emergency supplies and one more thing… Slow it down out there.” Sage advice indeed.