AP- Leavenworth Wash.

Winter has visited Washington yet again this morning with snow falling on area roads and homes. This latest round of weather has some residents up in arms.

One diner at Krystals, an area restaurant popular with locals, complained that the apparent return to winter driving conditions has ‘brought out all of the idiots on the roads” and confided with Icicle TV that we “should have seen this fella, he was driving one of those little electric cars and it was all over the road.”  Comments like this were par for the course as patrons drank coffee and enjoyed the senior breakfast special. Carl, a retired truck driver, claimed he’s “had it with this weather” adding that “this would never happen if Ronald Reagan was still in office.”

The gradual retreat of snow from area yards revealed grass, first shoots and tubers popping up out of the snow but this morning’s snow promises to bury them in several inches of the white stuff, provoking Maurine, 46 year resident and avid gardener, to state that “it looks like that global warming is a pile of hookey” and that her “roses were budding, but this snow is going to kill them if it keeps up like this.”

When questioned, a local towing company expects brisk business, stating that this weather is “nothing new” and to expect the mountain passes to be “a mess with all those people from Seattle to driving over to Leavenworth.” And that they “expect to be pulling a bunch of them out of the ditch this morning.” Mike, long time tow truck driver, stated “that this woman who works for Microsoft and owns a vacation cabin on Lake Wenatchee called this morning asking if they could tow her out of her driveway”

One group that welcomes the icy blast is area skiers and snowboarders. Icicle TV spoke to Devun, an avid snowboarder and part time raft guide. He exclaimed that the snow has been “killer” and that we “should have seen him hit Tye Bowl yesterday, reporting that the top was “almost waist deep, he swears.”

How long can we expect this weather to last?  We asked that question to a respected meteorologist who asked to remain unidentified stated that winter weather in April is common in La Nina years and that “we really don’t know anymore.”